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 About A Mind Applied 

This scientific journal is about applying the mind to any and all topics of psychology (mostly). I also keep A Mind Applied to Technology as a portfolio of my computer science projects and findings.


The topics featured will span everything from Behavioral Psychology to Neuroscience (and sometimes more). It is a safe space for sharing my thoughts as well as yours, therefore any comments you have I know will be shared in a respective manner.


Mental health is frequently discussed here because as our whole world comes through our brain, it essential that we keep it in good shape. That means keeping our head active, strengthening it, and preventing common deceptions from interfering. I am a firm believer and activist of the speak before movement. Many afflictions of mental health are addressed too late or not at all. This can be prevented by simply talking about any cognitive concerns you may have no matter how small (because every mountain started out as a rock) and being a listener for anyone else who may need it. We all must act as an ear for others. This means not just hearing words but understanding the meaning behind them by interpreting the way or context in which they speak. No matter how insignificant the topic may seem to you, always listen and always tell. I have no doubt that countless others have gone through similar experiences. All of these things will be addressed here in this journal.

While commentary is highly encouraged, every post on this site was done by a human being and I expect you to remember that when replying to another or commenting on any topic. We are all (including myself) susceptible to mistakes, so if you read something you believe is inaccurate or false, please let me or the writer know (with credible sources to verify). 

Lastly, I want to stress that while everyone and everything at A Mind Applied is here to listen to and help you, it is not an alternative for real psychological help. If you believe that you have a significant mental health concern please seek a licensed professional or consult one of the numbers below.

Below you can subscribe or checkout my various social media pages.  I post about important psychology facts, videos, research articles on modern psychology. Checkout the Author Page to learn more about J.M. Wesierski!



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