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 About the Author 

J.M. Wesierski is a psychology researcher, software developer, and the primary author of the scientific journal A Mind Applied. MindsApplied grew out of his collaboratory research and development of thought predicting neurotechnology.

He also develops software for NBCU but previously conducted research and web development for One Mind PsyberGuide through the University of California, Irvine. Under Dr. Stephen SchuellerPsyberGuide reviews the efficacy of mental health technology. 


Prior to that he worked on The Violence and Suicide Prevention Initiative alongside Dr. Cherie Safapou of San Francisco State University. Together, they co-authored a publication on Empathy and Emotional Intelligence.


He has written manuscripts on The Association and Ramifications of Basic Trust as a Conditioned Response and A New Perspective on Memory when Eliciting a Response (links provided). 

"Myself and many others are devoted to studying and learning everything we can about the mind. I created this site to directly convey what I have and am always continuing to discover." -JM.


While the articles in this journal encompass many subjects, its main focus is theoretical psychology. Here at AMA we believe the mind is the most interesting and complex thing in the universe. While it has many riddles yet to be solved, here are a few we have answered.


Image of the author. Brown hair, minimal facial hair, tall, strong jaw, good smile!

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To read my papers on Basic Trust and Memory

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